Blessed Tibetan Malas including buddhist 108 beads malas, tibetan prayer bracelet,

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HASEN Group Co.,LTD is a company 100% for online business, we donot offer drop-in pick up. Please contact us by email or fax.


Quality Inspections: An overview about how we inspect our products before shipment, to ensure the item we sent you is 100% perfect in quality.

Worldwide Delivery: We sell all our products to USA, Canada, French, Germany, United Kingdom and other European Countries from our distribution center in China. However, the buyer will pay the custom cost if any.

Fast Delivery: For personalized jewelry will be shipped out within 7 business days. Normally products will be shipped out within 2 business days.

DHL express air DELIVERY: We use UPS DHL AIR DELIVERY as our mainly shipping choice. The shipping rate is as follows:
USA & Canada:
USD1 - USD60: USD22.95
USD61-USD90: USD18.95.
USD91-USD120: USD14.95
USD121-USD150: USD11.95
USD151-USD180: USD7.95
USD180 or more: Free UPS Express shipping.

Japan, Kora, Singapore, Malaysia: USD9.95

Russia: USD50

Hongkong & Taiwan: USD5.95

Other countries like European, Australia, Brazil...: USD22.95.

Shipping for wholesale orders will be negociated with customers.

Safe & water-proof packaging: All the orders, any sizes, will be shipped in BOX with water-proof packages, ensuring the safe shipping.